Part of the Construction or Creation series- Construction is an essential component of how the human mind works. We not only construct physical matter such as skyscrapers or industrial hangers, but also the concepts of time, ethics and so on. The world the human race lives in is largely a construction of our own cognitive nature. However, there is, alongside this, the continual nature of organic matter. 


As we construct new laws, morals, structures, the organic blueprint continues to unfold. 
Ultimately, what is man made and what is purely of nature? This series seeks to explore this more and more blurred line.


The piece encapsulates hazy clouds contrasted against rough areas of pigment and deep interlapping structures. Visually bold, this piece would bring any wall to life.




Size: W-24 Inches H-24 Inches D-2 Inches.

High grade/High pigment Oil on Cotton Primed/Stretched Canvas. All pieces are signed on the back so as not to ruin the image. All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity. A special message can be requested if the piece is being brought as a gift.

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